20 March 2007

Research Topic Exploration 2

This assignment has been created as preparation for the Research Paper Assignment listed two blog entries below.

One of the broad topics for your research paper is globalization. Another is culture, which was discussed in Topic Exploration 1.

Definitions of Globalization

Globalization means different things to different people. Some say it is the movement of people, language, ideas, and products around the world toward markets and policies that transcend national borders. Others see it as the dominance of multinational corporations and the destruction of cultural identities. All aspects of globalization – including its nature, causes and effects - are hotly disputed.


Learning Audit
For about 5-10 minutes, reflect informally in writing on what you already know about globalization. What is your understanding or definition of globalization? How is globalization affecting your community and your personal life? How do you feel about globalization? Why do you think globalization is spreading rapidly in the contemporary world? Is globalization a new phenomenon?

Café Discussion on Globalization
From the choices listed below, pick two topics that you would like to discuss and go to a table labeled with one of your topics. Use your Learning Audit notes to prompt your memory. Each group should appoint a facilitator and a recorder and discuss the assigned questions for the topic. The recorder should write the highlights of the discussion on the flipchart/board provided. After 7 minutes, each student should move to another table and repeat the process.

What is your group’s definition of globalization? If it varies, record all responses.
Why do you think your definitions are similar? Or if your definitions are different, why do you think they differ? Speculate who outside this class would agree or disagree with your definition(s).

How are business and trade affected by globalization? Discuss specific examples.
The term “free trade” is often associated with globalization. In your knowledge, what is “free trade” and what is its global impact? (If you don’t know, research it briefly on the web.)

How does globalization affect different cultures? Discuss specific examples.
Some correlate globalization with Americanization or Westernization. What do you think they mean by that, and what are your thoughts on this?

How are the natural environments affected by globalization? Discuss specific examples.
How are urban environments affected by globalization? Discuss specific examples.
Does your group agree or disagree on the points discussed above? Why or why not?

What role does technology play in globalization? Discuss specific examples.
How do you feel about the global impact of technology, and why? If your group members disagree, discuss the reasons for your disagreement.

Class Discussion
The reporters of each group will summarize their discussion, followed by a brief class discussion on the topics.

One-Minute Paper
Write a quick response to the following question: What do you know about globalization that you did not know before?

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